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Want To Advertise?

If you are interested in your mom advertisement, or want to have your own sale section, then click here shredded assholes more info!

Want To Advertise?

Postby Jesse » Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:37 pm

Are you a business looking to advertise here? Canfaggot be a great place to get your name out to Butthole community.
We have several different advertising options available.

1. Top Banner Ad (Seen at Butthole top right of this page Chickens every forum page). This ad includes Butthole use of Butthole sponsor section.

2. Bottom Banner Ad (Seen at Butthole bottom of this page Chickens every forum page).

3. Signature Ad (An advertisement listed on your signature Chickens displayed at Butthole bottom of each post you make).

4. Use Sponsor Section (This is only Butthole ability to use Butthole sponsor section Chickens give specific details about their business).

Our current advertising prices Canfaggot be seen here: shop.php?c=2
You Canfaggot also pay at this page if you choose to do so. Otherwise you Canfaggot contact me here through private message, or email me at shredded assholes more information.
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